CROSSFIT and a lot of studio gyms are FULL OF BULL-SH**!

Posted by Ignatius on Friday, August 15, 2014 Under: RANTING
An enormous amount of smaller gyms / "boxes" have sprung up lately almost like Starbucks (One on each side of the street). I am sorry but I am calling BULLSHIT!!!

I am fed up of every 2nd guy that has the money or marketing skill to open up a Crossfit box after completing the level I course. Also some guys that look good naked AND perhaps did 6 months of a Sport science certificate that open up a fitness studio. Just as a side note the person that does your hair is in a better regulated industry and has to go through a very rigorous course training and apprenticeship before they are allowed to cut your hair!!!
Now the risks of crossfit's training modalities vastly out weights the risks of cutting coloring washing and blow drying hair!! I've never heard of someone dislocating their shoulder or getting a herniated disc after their hair has been cut not to speak of the plethora other injuries!!
The best though is lately it seems these guys are selling their so called "skill" and knowledge to help athletes / sports people to improve their performance. ( As a side note here is an interesting article on what qualifies you as being an athlete )
The other thing is that you also get the "Athlete Trainer" this is the guy who has won an olympic medal or been to world bullshit games in his sport and all of a sudden he knows what to do... NEWS FLASH IDIOTS he followed a coaches program, he may know more than most people but is he qualified? Does he know how to create a program and coach it or is he only copying an pasting his coaches programs? You get athletes that can also be good coaches but they have honed their coaching skills as well.

I believe this problem has two parts.
1. The guys "pretending" to be trainers because the industry isn't regulated
2. The people that actually BUY THEIR BULLSHIT

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of strength coaches out there that are really good that have no academic qualification some are even better that guys with qualifications. Because the other side of the coin is that that the vast majority of human movement science / sport science graduates also don't know shit. The ones that do know what they are doing are the ones that did extra internships extra courses and also read up on the topic of strength & performance coaching and also practiced their art / science.

With this in mind I have 3 things i think should alarm you if you are looking to find a good trainer / strength & conditioning coach:
a. The trainers main qualification is a diploma / certificate / degree in marketing
b. He did a weekend warrior course as his main fitness qualification
c. He puts forward his own "athletic" performances as his main "qualification"

I know some individuals (Like CrossFit. Inc.) call Crossfit "a strength & conditioning" program... ( CrossFit Inc. describes its strength and conditioning program as ‚Äúconstantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad modal and time domains," with the stated goal of improving fitness, which it defines as "work capacity across broad time and modal domains. - ) I CALL BULLSHIT, IT IS NOT!!!!!!!
IT IS A SPORT that can be done competitively or recreationally. Doing crossfit to improve specific components of another sport like mountain biking is like playing soccer to improve swimming. The fact that crossfit does not do specific planning in their WOD's ( Workout of the day ) is the opposite of what any other person needs if they want improved performance in a sport other than crossfit.
You can even see in their definition that it is not strength & conditioning as one of the main and fundamental principles strength & conditioning coaches work under is SPECIFICITY and GOAL SPECIFIC programming.
Then you get the studio gym with the guy or girl that looks good naked and have their clients follow them around eating no fat or carbs and doing exercises with complete lack of form and the trainer praises them on a good workout, as long as they paid!


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