"If you CAN'T measure it, you CAN'T improve it."

- Peter Drucker -

"Not everything that can be measured is important, and not everything that is important can be measured"

- Albert Einstein -

"I believe that strength and conditioning is both a science and an art form, as a strength and conditioning coach I have to remember that I am working with a person / team with physical and emotional reactions to the stimulus of the environment. I then have to use science based testing and programming principles to manipulate the athlete or teams environment and training stimulus to achieve the desired outcome; all the while taking into account the emotional and physical being or beings that I am working with."

- Naat Loubser -

Acceleration testing, timing and mechanical analysis
Vertical jump testing: Height, velocity, force and power

and Force velocity profiling

Video analysis
Online data management of players and instant reporting.
Velocity based strength training and testing
Set Velocity and power.              Rep Velocity and power.
Bio-mechanical analysis