Ignatius presents:

Dan Baker VBT Course

Learn how to utilize Velocity Based Training (VBT) in your day-to-day coaching across the classic barbell lifts, jump testing, and more.

Course Overview

The one-day Dr. Daniel Baker-approved VBT Course applies the Velocity Based Training principles to the weight room to build better prepared athletes with results that carry over to their sport or serve them in everyday life. Before you decide to start using VBT, however, you must be certain that you understand the theory and application of it.

This value of this Course spans several populations: from the accomplished lifter looking forward to break his all time PRs, to the athlete looking forward to improve his performance in his sport, to an elder who wishes to maintain or regain some self-reliance and independence.

Even if you have been under the bar for a while, there are likely many nuances to VBT training that you have never learned that will keep you strong and injury-free. The DB VBT Course is the place to learn how to safely utilize VBT to maximize your strength potential with this validated training methodology.

The VBT Course curriculum, designed by Dr. Daniel Baker, is taught by a select few VBT Instructors, all hand-picked for their ability to teach and demonstrate these techniques to others, with equal effectiveness across the full spectrum of experience level. Whether you have never touched a VBT device or you have been training for years with VBT and are ready to elevate your coaching, this Course is for you.

You will learn:

  • How is velocity measured during resistance training

  • What are the two main measures of velocity and which is better for different exercises (eg. strength or power exercises)

  • Why measure velocity

  • Normative velocity scores for strength and power exercises at different % 1RM

  • Velocity and fatigue data

  • Using velocity to improve programming (VBT Training)

  • Using velocity to improve coaching, technique and athlete intent

Why attend?

  • Science. Properly used, VBT teaches priceless training lessons that prepare you for safe and effective strength training.

  • Safety. Many people injure themselves in the weight room. The cause of these injuries is incorrect technique or poor programming. Learn the right utilization of VBT to increase safety and effective programming for years to come.

  • Technique. We take the exercises apart and put them back together strong utilizing VBT. Learn how VBT cues and progressions are one of a kind in the industry.