Ignatius ( Naat ) has been working as a fitness trainer and Strength & Conditioning specialist since 1995 during which time he completed his Human Movement Science degree at the University of Pretoria, thereafter he proceeded with his post graduate CSCS® certification through the NSCA in the US. Naat also obtained a Personal Trainers Diploma through the exercise teachers academy and in addition is a qualified Meta-coach and NS-NLP Practitioner also having completed a number of psychology courses at the University of Pretoria

That being said he currently works with numerous elite level athletes that compete at the highest level and has trained them to numerous records, World Championship, Common Wealth and Olympic medals. Through his strength training programs he was involved in the breaking of 16 world records and winning Olympic & World championship medals in various sports for South-Africa ranging from swimming to Muay Thai. He also worked with athletes involved in 4 of the 6 Olympic medals that South-Africa won at London 2012 as well as the sole medal winner at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

He was also acting as the Head Strength & Conditioning specialist for the High performance centre for the University of Pretoria.
Currently he is the Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist at the University of Pretoria for tukssport with specific focus on Rugby where he played an integral role in Tuks winning their 1st ever Varsity cup and USSA championships in 2012.

Naat works with elite level sports people and young promising sports people that need explosive power, maximum strength, speed and agility. Naat says: “I work with highly motivated individuals that have similar values and beliefs about achieving the highest level of human performance and wanting to win not just compete.” He works with people wanting to do what it takes to achieve their goals. Naat says: “Most of the time achieving goals entail carefully planned scientifically calculated pain and suffering.”